Whale #7

2017 Mahagony



2012 Reclaimed Camphor. 14' x 3' x 5'

After delivering a whale tail sculpture to Winterhaven, FL, I collected two hurricane felled camphor logs from Central Florida. Introduced from Asia in 1875, this beautiful and aromatic wood was naturalized into the Gulf states. I milled the logs into boards for construction.


happy trout in osage

2010 Salvaged Osage Orange and Black Locust, 9' x 5' x 11' 

Osage and Locust are my favorite woods to work. They are hard, strong, extremely decay resistant, will take on a fine luster if desired and are readily available in central Virginia.


2007 Mahogany and Spanish Cedar, Osage Orange, pine tar finish. 30' x 28' x 15'

Humpback Whale Tail 2

2009 Reclaimed Mahogany, 9' x 16' x 12'

Humpback Whale Tail 2, overlooked the ocean in Peace Arch Park in Blaine, WA for the Annual International Sculpture Exhibition and later Charlottesville's Art in Place.


humpback whale #3

Built of reclaimed Honduras mahogany - 5' x 14'x 12')

It was installed in Perrysburg, Ohio as part of the Perrsyburg Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition 2008.

Downward Spiral

Honduran mahogany and Cherry Root. Collection of the artist. 7' x 3' x 3'

This piece was inspired by human addiction. 

Recycled Waterspout

2009 Antique blue mason jars, various found metal tools and gadgets, concrete, solar powered lights, 3' x 4' x 12'



2007, Honduran Mahogany,  and Spanish Cedar, measures 2' x 2' x 7'

This piece was inspired by the Iraq invasion.


2005 Black Walnut,  Camphor, 6' x 5'x 4'

The Tortoise was commissioned by Toan at Cville Coffee and is a local favorite with kids.


2014 Compact Discs, Steam Bent White Oak, Monofilament Line, 50'

I was invite to participate in an exhibit at the Charlottesville McGuffy Art Center that called attention to the surplus of plastic we introduce onto the land and into the sea. The CDs were melted on my Weber grill and folded. It was later loaned to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports . It is now on display at C'ville Coffee. $10,000


2014 Steam Bent White Oak, Compact Discs, Vinyl Records, 16'

I learned to steam bend wood around that time, and Spin was the result of my obsession with spiral forms in nature. It was displayed at the Courthouse Galleries in Portsmouth, Va.

Record rainbow

2013 Vinyl Records, White Oak, 4' x 11' 

This piece was inspired by the full spectrum of vivid colors I discovered amongst tens of thousands of records and CDs that I salvaged from Charlottesville radio stations and record stores. The material was ultimately landfill bound, as it is not easily recycled. It was initially exhibited at the Mud House coffee shop on the downtown mall, and now is on display at Sidetracks Music. $15,000